How Writers Write Poetry

This course is designed for aspiring poets, and poets who want to improve their writing skills. It helps the student familiarize with the terms in poetry, and focuses on teaching the student everything from how to write a poem, the forms and technique involved. 

The Poet and Her Devices

How do you go from good to great? What is the difference between ordinary and extraordinary? What makes a poem stand out from the rest? What are those secret, or not so secret ingredients that makes your written and spoken pieces engaging and heart-warming? In this course, you will learn about the devices in poetry, how to use them to enhance meaning, and add taste and colour to your poems.

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The Art of the Stage

If you have ever imagined yourself performing your poems with confidence and passion and have the audience at the edge of their seats nodding, snapping, and cheering to your words, then this course is for you. Performing to a live audience can seem daunting sometimes, especially if you are just starting out in your career as a poet. Maybe you are already performing but would love to improve your skills as a performer. This course has been designed to help you make memorable performances with any kind of audience you will ever come across. Our team of award-winning poets will walk you through discovering and owning your own delivery style for your materials.

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Writing for Social Change

The place of the poet in society goes beyond the page and the stage. The poet has in his or her hands a weapon to wield the truth and justice, to command the future and to make the world around him better. As an organization, we are committed to raising and mentoring poets to become agents of change, and this course helps you find your voice, and use your voice to explore various issues and advocate for social change in society.

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