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Inspired By Creativity

We are committed to helping young people to
find, and creatively use their voices to shape the world around them.


Our story begins with a spark and a girl. A girl with a heart obsessed enough to turn a tiny spark into a widespread fire. A poetry fire. We discovered an art form called poetry and became entangled. We fell hopelessly in love with all her elements; her unique play on words, powerful use of language, profound ability to capture the soul, and her remarkable capacity to achieve whatever she wants to – be it to educate, entertain, inspire or spur to action. So, we started a relationship that will birth an inspired generation of thought leaders that will be unafraid to use their voices for good.

We are in too deep now, we can’t stop talking and walking the talk. We want everyone to know how we feel about poetry. We want every young person out there, anywhere, somewhere, to feel what we have felt, see what we have seen, and have this powerful tool that flows from our hearts through our inks to the pages, the stages and down to our very backyards, neighborhoods and communities. We want the world to know that this art is beyond us, that the fire will not quench, and that the story may have started with us, but does not end with us.

So, this is our commitment to young people in Africa and the rest of the world; to use this art to create the beautiful future that we have imagined.



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