Our Programs are designed to spark creativity, encourage creative discourse, and spur positive actions around contemporary issues that affect today’s youth, and the society.

Turn Up the Mic

Turn up The Mic is a literary event organized by our team to promote the art of spoken word poetry and serve as a platform for poets to showcase and grow their skills. The event brings together poets of varying backgrounds from across the city of Calabar with a singular vision of enlightening, educating entertaining and shaping mindsets for social good. This event has grown to become one of the most sought out for literary event in Cross River State.

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Word on the Street

With the rise of violent activities across Nigeria, WordPlay Express through this program seeks to mobilize voices against all forms of violence in Nigeria. Word on the Street features poetry performances, poetry battles and panel sessions touching on the subject of violence, how to go beyond page and stage to actually taking actions that prevent violence. It engages the youth meaningfully and offers them a safe space to creatively express their opinons..

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Schools Training Program

A major part of what we do here at WordPlay Express is provide training and mentorship for varsity and high school students. Through this programme, we equip students with skills of creative writing and performance with the goal of inspiring learning, boosting self-confidence and increasing literacy levels in Nigeria.

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