Worden Enya, playing on words.

The Maiden Edition of WordPlay’s ‘Turn up the Mic’ Spoken Words event was a blast.  The American Corner Calabar came alive on May 17, 2018, as 12 amazing poets based in Calabar graced its stage, treating the audience to wonderful dishes of spoken words. Spilling words without caution which lit up the place and spread like wild fire, leaving burning sensations in the heart of every one that was present.
The audience could not hold in the fire, and had to express themselves in every way they could; from snapping their fingers, to leaping for joy, or just allowing the words burn. They were also thrilled with live music performances by Rita Osang, and Emmanuel Ekwuemuka, and of course, all of these took place over pancakes. Did I mention Pancakes? Yes, pancakes, the chef, McJerry Ofre did a great job with the delivery. Every one had their A-game on.

The event was organized with the aim of providing a platform for poets in Calabar to express themselves, and lend their voices to shaping the narrative surrounding the social and political issues in Nigeria. The message was clear; service to God, and Service to humanity by daily making decisions and taking actions that impact society positively.

Word Play kept its word; The Mics were Turned Up, the audience Turned Up, the Poets were on Fire, and the Words burned like Wild Fire. No stone was left untouched as the audience went home inspired, entertained, and ‘Belle Full’.

So if by any chance you missed this first edition of ‘Turn Up the Mic’, plan to attend the next, because, it will be LIT!

Ofre Vivian Amah.